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Mark Visser and My Weekly Preview

Tackling the world’s biggest waves requires precise planning, a cool head and a brave heart. Mark Visser talks to Jarna Baudinette from My Weekly Preview.

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Mark Visser's Top 10 Big Wave Surf Tips

You now have the opportunity to download 'Mark Visser’s Top 10 Big Wave Surf Tips' eBook - for FREE!

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Mark Visser TEDx Talk Noosa

Mark is very excited to be participating in the TEDx event being held in Noosa on 4th April 2014.

With the theme 'SPACE' in mind, Mark will be discussing his experiences in the vast space of the open ocean and all he has endured to find remote, un-surfed waves.  


Article by: Rebecca Marshall  27th Mar 2014

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The Gear You Need with Mark Visser

As a big wave surfer, Mark Visser's Jeep Wrangler carries all the gear he needs, except for one thing: courage. That's the extra something Mark has to find inside himself each time he faces a new challenge.

Mark's latest series of adventures finds him in tropical Fiji, a setting that offers him plenty of opportunities to test his courage. Or, as the native Fijians say, test his 'kau-kaua'.

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Mark Visser Upper Body Workout

Men's Muscle & Health - Upper Body Workout with Mark Visser

By Greg Dolman | Images by Dallas Olsen

Mark was featured in the Mar/Apr 2014 Men’s Muscle and Health magazine, which showcased his upper body workout. Surfing utilises a lot of core involvement, so this program has core strengthening and stabilising movements that enhance Mark’s performance while he is surfing.

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