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THE OCEAN WARRIOR COURSE 2.0 - Now includes Elite Mindset Program

The Ocean Warrior Course teaches beginner to advanced individuals how to maximize their breath hold and tap into the secrets of the most elite underwater athletes and watermen in the world. The Ocean Warrior Course also covers key life-saving skills such as how to do single and two person rescues, rescue response techniques, CPR, and first aid procedures from world renowned Hawaiian lifeguard Brian Keaulana. William Trubridge, 18 x world record free diver goes through some of the best breathing recovery and surf specific swim techniques you can use when you are in the water. Ant Williams, champion free diver and sports psychologist points out the critical signs and signals you need to be aware of that could happen to you in the water or you might notice happening to someone else.

This Ocean Warrior Course is beneficial for the weekend surfer wanting to feel more confident at their home break or the accomplished surfer heading on an overseas surf trip. It even helps people that don’t practice water sports at all such as business professionals who simply want to practice the breathing techniques to relieve stress.

To find out more about the online Ocean Warrior Course 2.0 visit www.theoceanwarrior.com