With passion and humility, Mark speaks from the heart about breathtaking events and realizing his dreams. Mark is a down to earth, natural speaker who is infectiously energetic and engaging. By using his own experiences and challenges as an example, Mark’s presentation covers how he accomplished his own dreams and proved that the ‘impossible IS possible’.
— Keynote Speaking

Mark and his team have discovered new big wave locations around the world. The only problem is a lot of them are out in the middle of open ocean. By the time the swell forecasts are confirmed it’s too late to get there by boat. The only way to get to these locations in time to surf them is by jumping out of a plane with jet skis and skydiving into the locations.
Getting there is the easy part...
— Operation Deep Blue

On January 20, 2011 Mark Visser, International Adventure Athlete and Big Wave Surfer rides the infamous Hawaiian Big Wave surf spot, JAWS (Peahi) at 2am! Using advanced submarine LED lighting technology built into his life vest and surfboard Mark rides a total of 12 waves!

This course is for anyone that wants to be able to hold their breath longer and become more confident in the water. It has been made for total beginners to advanced athletes with two separate programs and videos to suit everyone’s ability.
— The Ocean Warrior Course

Mark Visser is an Australian big wave surfer and ocean adventurer. Using innovative technology, he spends his time tracking down some of the biggest waves on the planet and pioneering unique ways to surf them.